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Kaitlynn's Story

Throughout my childhood and leading into my adult life I had many ups and downs. These obstacles created chaos and turmoil in my life, my health, my mind, and my relationships. I struggled with anxiety and depression, which put me on a path towards self-medicating and more destructive behaviors. 

I decided to go to college only to drop out 2 years later. I was 19, I dropped out of college and pursued DOOR TO DOOR sales. Going door to door earning money allowed me to start creating abundance I never realized I had the power to do.  I realized the power I was discovering when it came to me making money/creating abundance all started with me feeling abundant , feeling confident, and believing in myself. I also realized abundance is everywhere as long as your mindset was right. It starts with having gratitude with the simple things in life, even if its just the oxygen you breathe or the legs you walk with. We all have something to be grateful for, even our most painful life lessons that make us who we are today.

 A few years into the door to door business I decided to start my own marketing company with my business partner at Limitless Results Marketing, Nathaniel Bray. With D2D sales I learned a lot about entrepreneurship ,about failing and getting up again, creating abundance based upon believing in yourself, and experienced goals I never knew I was worthy of achieving. However I also had VERY poor ways of managing stress and was driving myself crazy with how unbalanced I became. I was burnt out.

Ever hopeful I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing. My true journey began when the universe connected me with my coach, Erika Walton . Erika taught me through esoteric lessons and plant medicines that we all have a “higher self” and a bigger purpose. 

Through spiritual work I was able to heal many inner child wounds that were affecting my adult life. I began seeking only that which leads to over all well being with natural healing . I've learned the journey of healing starts with loving yourself and going within. It also means loving and forgiving others.

In my search for spiritual healing I was blessed to find my Sound teacher , Kalyn Seymour. Kalyn introduced me to the power of vibrations and sound, and how it can help heal the human mind and body .

I also interned with Erika Walton in a program called "Destiny by Design", mentoring people weekly 1:1 , and on group coaching calls.

At Transformational Tones I provide sound healing, I host events, and I coach others. My mission and purpose is to empower those around me and to uplift humanity.